I Am the Wind
I am the wind, gently blowing your hair -
you cannot see me, but I am there.
I will take your kite high in the sky -
through drafts in a house you can hear me sigh.
Times I will blow softly and whisper to the trees -
the flowers gently beckon to the bees.
I will rustle them lightly, my sigh is low -
and the autumn leaves shining their red and gold.
I am the wind, and will push your sails far out to sea -
like a graceful swan, the ocean waves, you and me.
Like an angry stranger I can turn on you -
your sailboat suddenly thrown askew.
The waves will rise with sudden force -
and the little boat will loose its course.
Then the rage I feel will be calm once more -
and I will guide your boat back to shore.

Rosanna 9/24/08