Homeless Connect Summary

Sacramento Homeless Connect has been deemed a great success, though pitted with some great flaws that can be improved upon for next time. The committee expected that a maximum of 500 people would trickle in throughout the day, but about 600 homeless people came almost at once, leading to long lines and running out of intake forms. Besides that glitch the event proved very helpful to many homeless people.There were 200 community volunteers and 160 staff representing 50 different agencies. 30 people received shelter or housing that day. 139 people got free ID's. Also, people filled out SSI applications, were assessed for mental health services, made veterans service connections, were screened and triaged for illness and dental needs, received legal council, were tested for HIV/AIDS, reading and sun protection glasses, bike repair, acupunture, GA and Food Stamps, and drug and alcohol assessments. SHOC was there to signup new vendors for Homeward Street Journal and invite people to Homeless Leadership Project meetings.Some people didn't access any services but said they had a great time listening or dancing to the blues bands and eating a great barbeque.
Assemblymember Dave Jones, Tim Brown (Director of Ending Chronic Homelessness Initiative, Mayor Heather Fargo, State Senator Darrel Steinberg

Volunteers get goody-bags ready