Sacramento County Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Threatened
Staff Report
When new housing projects are built in Sacramento County, the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance
states that 15% of that housing must be affordable to lower income households. The 15% is divided
into three income categories: 3% Extremely Low Income (30% of Areas Median Income (AMI) and below) - basically seniors on Social Security, people on SSI and homeless people; 6% for Very Low Income (50% of AMI) and Low (80% of AMI).

The County of Sacramento implemented this landmark affordable housing program six years ago, with the strong encouragement from the Sacramento Housing Alliance and Sacramento County residents. This policy became part of the County’s Housing Element, a state mandated requirement that local governments include a plan for the housing needs of all economic segments of the community in their General Plans.

This Inclusionary Housing Ordinance has helped increase our affordable housing stock by requiring developers to provide a percentage of their new housing for low income people.
This is more important than ever because in California we have just lost an important local source
of funding for affordable housing from redevelopment money. Also, there is more need to increase our affordable housing stock to people with incomes that have been dwindling in the recent economic downturn, while at the same time rental prices have increased.

The Inclusionary Housing provision in the Housing Element has been under attack by the Building Industry Association at various stages of its existence, from the original conception of the plan to today.

Currently, the General Plan and Housing Element are up for one of its periodic reviews and the
Inclusionary Housing Ordinance is being threatened. There is a push for the ordinance to be taken out of the Housing Element, which would thereby make it easier for our County to eventually eliminate the ordinance altogether. By being included in the Housing Element, the plan is protected by the periodic reviews performed by the State. Also, the Extremely Low Income provision of the ordinance is being threatened with elimination, even if the other parts are kept.

Sacramento Housing Alliance has been instrumental in the passage of the original ordinance, and the organization continues to protect lower income households’ access to housing that they can afford.

You can help in this fight by contacting the Sacramento Board of Supervisor, telling them to keep the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance in the Housing Element and to keep the extremely low income provision in the ordinance.

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