Can Ya Spare Some Change?
Hey, can ya spare some change,
To help me rearrange,
This hunger inside of me?
I need a drink, a smoke,
Something to help me cope,
With the rest of society.
. .
We called him Gremlin,
His beard and hair was red.
He'd help you make it,
See to it that you got fed.
Get you a shower,
Lead you to the good camps.
Saw you as family,
Instead of worthless street tramps.
He was good hearted,
And fair to one and all.
Now he's departed,
For his friend he took the fall.
In blogs they're raging,
Over who's to blame.
With words engaging,
Making it all just so insane.
When all that matters,
Is a good man had to die,
All dressed in tatters,
Instead of suit and tie.
He was our brother,
Cared about each one of us.
Was like no other,
Didn't complain or even fuss.
He loved his river,
And the dog that he called Boy.
He was a giver,
Helping was Gremlin's greatest joy.
Now it's our duty,
To carry Gremlin's code.
Of finding beauty,
Along life's homeless road.
Help out each other,
Let no one be left behind.
Sisters and brothers,
To one and all be kind.
It's Gremlin's story,
That can be passed along,
Tell of his glory,
As you sing the Gremlin's song.
We can't forget him,
Or let his goodness die.
Help and protect them,
Each homeless gal and guy.

by Tommy