In Memory of Michael "Gremlin" Tinius

Gremlin (Michael Tinius), a friend to so many people that call outdoors their home in Sacramento, died April 30, 2008 in a senseless act of violence. Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee knew him throughout the years as a civil rights hero. When he got a ticket for camping he would not surrender to a verdict of community service. He always insisted on a jury trial, directing his attorney on how to protect his constitutional rights to sleep outdoors. He did win a jury trial about "camping", a very rare accomplishment nationwide.He has been more than a civil rights hero to many that spoke recently at his memorial at Loaves & Fishes. He would help people out on the streets, would share provisions, knowledge and his genuine friendship. He died as a hero, in that he was stabbed while trying to protect another homeless person.This picture is of Gremlin and his long-time camp buddy Boo-Boy.