Local Man Wins Camping Case

Gremlin was charged with two violations of the Sacramento City Code for unlawful camping (12.52.030[A]) and one count of unlawful storage (12.52.042 ). Gremlin decided to fight the ticket and asked for legal representation through the Tommy Clinkenbeard Legal Clinic, insisting on a jury trial. Public Defender Linsay Zettel defended him.

One of the issues that was highlighted is the fact that Gremlin, like many people who are homeless, has a dog named “Boy” that has been his companion for over 10 years. Gremlin cannot get into any emergency shelter unless he first gives up his beloved pet.

The jury heard his side and the City’s side, and came back with a verdict of “Not Guilty” on both charges of unlawful camping. They had a hung jury on the unlawful storage charge, and the judge promptly dismissed it outright.