Coalition on Regional Equity (CORE)
A project by the Sacramento Housing Alliance

The Sacramento Housing Alliance began CORE in 2007 following a three year campaign to create and preserve the most progressive Inclusionary Housing Ordinance in the nation. The campaign involved
affordable housing developers, environmentalists, transportation, homeless and anti-poverty advocates, social service providers, organized labor, the faith community, civil rights leaders and health groups. The groups realized that they had many shared interests around land use and started to talk about larger collaboration. Sacramento Housing Alliance, Legal Services of Northern California, Environmental Council of Sacramento, and other partners came together to form CORE.

The Coalition on Regional Equity (CORE) advocates for regional development and growth that is equitable, sustainable and promotes public health for low income communities and communities of color in the greater Sacramento Region.

What is Regional Equity?

Regional Equity is a growing national movement of organizations and individuals that realize that land use and planning issues must be addressed at a regional level. Many of the problems that these organizations traditionally advocate for – civil rights, environment, clean air, low income individuals, school etc. are impacted by land use planning – the ways that communities and metropolitan areas are planned and designed. The interests of these organizations overlap on land use issues. For instance, in order to address economic development, you have to look to the balance of jobs and housing in communities. To look at air quality you have to think about how city design promotes public transportation and walk-able communities. These diverse groups are coming together around a general framework of for growth that promotes equity, health and economic development. The framework recognizes that the solutions cannot be confined to traditional jurisdictions like cities but must be regional in nature.

Current growth patterns in the six-county Sacramento Region, characterized by segregation and suburban sprawl, are unsustainable, inequitable and unhealthy. The design and growth the Sacramento metropolitan area has increased racial segregation, exacerbated health problems, consumed rural areas and created a housing crisis. This can change, through creating a large diverse group of people working for a equitable and sustainable Sacramento Region.

To get involved in CORE, please visit "", or call the Sacramento Housing Alliance at 916-455-4900.