Homeward Street Journal is a street newspaper in Sacramento. Homeless and nearly homeless vendors sell the paper in public places around town for $1 each. They keep all proceeds. Currently it is published 6 times a year with a circulation of 11,000 per issue. Homeward has been publishing since 1997 as a project of the Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, which is a member of the Sacramento Housing Alliance. We welcome any participation or contributions: Articles, poems and other writing can be submitted at our office in Friendship Park (1321 North C Street, Sacramento), or mailed to Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee., P.O. Box 952, Sacramento, CA 95812, or emailed to Homeward2@yahoo.com. Subscriptions are $20. Make checks out to SHOC or pay online at our website at www.sacshoc.org. Phone number (916) 442-2156.